About Me

What's in it for me?

I feel I am truly living the life I want.

I am living in line with my values and what is important to me and have travelled an incredible personal journey of learning and development to get to this place. Along that journey I have acquired skills from 20 years corporate experience working up to senior management level working in health care, social housing and local government as well as private industry. I have also had the challenge of setting up and creating a successful business for myself. I have also acquired the knowledge and self-development from working with a life coach myself to help me fundamentally change my life for the better. I have acquired qualifications and personal growth from some amazing training and workshops.

Everything that I offer as part of Daydreamzzz is part of that journey and based on my experience. I believe that takes me to a place where I am authentic in what I believe and what I do - and that is something I value greatly.